Oracle licensing doesn't have to be complicated

Our tools and services can help you through the process of understanding your Oracle license position.

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Oracle licensing is a complex and time-consuming task. Our tool quickly gathers and organizes all the data you need to prove your compliance.
Our tool is agentless therefore we can audit a database in 10-20 seconds, meaning we can complete an audit in days, not weeks and months.


Are you spending too much on your Oracle estate?  Need to understand what software you need to purchase or renew?
Our tool puts you back in control, see how many users, how much CPU and how many Oracle licenses you really need.


Oracle licensing poses serious financial risks to your organization. In our experience multi-million dollar non-compliances are common with Oracle’s complex licensing rules.
Our tools identifiy the risks, so you can take action to mitigate and ensure your organization eliminates any unnecessary spend.

Lime Software tools and services

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What does our tool do?


The power of the “Evidence Report”:

Oracle options are additional chargeable features of the database that can be triggered, and come as part of the default installation. Commonly, customers only find out when they are being audited that they need to license these products.


Tell me the number of processors I have!

Oracle Database licensing is done by counting the number of processors and cores on your servers, this is just one way to license your Oracle products. How Oracle defines what is licensable depends on the type of processor you have. Accuracy in hardware data collection is essential.


Help I’m being Audited!

Oracle License Management Service (LMS) verified reports ready made for you to deliver in the event of an audit. No need to run scripts. We use zero foot-print agentless technologies to quickly and accurately get the data you need. Minimize your DBA's time and effort, reports delivered in minutes not hours/days.